To botox or not


For some people, and let’s be honest, it’s mainly women we’re talking about here; the question of whether or not to have Botox treatment is easy. Many women are prepared to take almost any measures to prevent the signs of ageing and so having Botox, a non-surgical option, is a foregone conclusion. For others it presents a moral dilemma. How can we abandon our feminist principles for the sake of our vanity? Are we prepared to sacrifice our finer facial expressions for an unlined visage? And furthermore, isn’t having Botox just opening the Pandora’s Box to cosmetic surgery?

Pressure from media and society

Societal pressure on women to look young and attractive is enormous and many of us succumb to it quite easily because we want the kudos of being as close to the stereotypical image of beauty as we possibly can be. Why? Simply put: to be attractive to the male of the species (in the main). The brutal truth is that the older women get, the less attractive they are to men and not just young men. To young men older women are almost invisible unless they’re a relative or in a position of authority. Psychological research shows that men of all ages are attracted to young women of childbearing age. Luckily for older women most young women aren’t interested in older men unless they’ve got money, are successful or are so attractive and charming that age doesn’t matter. Those men left are either in long-term relationships or are grateful for any female attention. Fortunately for those guys, the same psychological research shows that women are generally attracted to security and compatibility over appearance.

And to the big question

So we can understand why many women want to delay the signs of ageing but the question remains: Should we get Botox? Well, obviously there is no simple answer to that. Many women will have no qualms and many will resist temptation and grow old gracefully with only the assistance of a few basic cosmetics. Others will teeter on the edge until something pushes them over. Be it a failed relationship, an unsuccessful job interview or just a dearth of sexual attention. What’s a girl to do?
If you take the bull by the horns make sure you get the best possible bull and horns you can afford. No back street Botox clinics or practitioners who do it ‘on the side’. Make sure it’s a qualified practitioner in a reputable establishment which has been well recommended. The whole area of Botox injections and their administration is not fully regulated and there are plenty of horror stories to put all but the vainest amongst us off.

So, be warned: Do your research, don’t opt for the cheapest or most convenient option; Think twice: Is it worth the risk? Do you really need it? If not, why bother? Life’s too short.