About us

Our objective is simply to help the beauty industry improve its practices, standards, image and overall professionalism in every way we can. We will do this through our online presence and by highlighting what’s going on in the industry and assessing whether it actually should be going on.

Real change will only be effected from within the industry and that needs all involved to actively and enthusiastically embrace an ethos of continuous improvement that puts at its heart the very best interests of the general public as well as all willing participators. To maximise our effectiveness we must include organisations operating within the industry along with the prominent pressure groups, review committees and the range of Government organisations who have an interest.

The wide ranging nature of the beauty industry permeates into many aspects of our lives and raises many important questions about society and our interaction with each other. By approaching all that we do in a considerate and understanding way we can improve the industry and bring its many benefits to a wider audience.

We welcome feedback, ideas advice and guidance.