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The pros and cons of cosmetic surgery

operationBefore we cover the aspects of the pros and cons of this subject it is important to put things in perspective and start with why people, and it is women predominantly, feel the compelling need to undertake what can sometimes be drastic measures in relation to cosmetic surgery.

It is often said that cosmetic surgery comes from low self-esteem and what would seem to be a fundamental lack of acceptance of oneself. Another major aspect of this however is the pressure from the media to be beautiful, thin and even glamorous. There are many other reasons in this complex issue some of which are just personal to the individual.

Many people consider the option of cosmetic surgery. Of course, going under the knife is something that can make you feel apprehensive. There are also a number of reasons why you might want to get cosmetic surgery. Regardless of your reasoning, it is important to know all about the pros and cons that go along with it.


One of the biggest pros toward getting cosmetic surgery is that your appearance can be enhanced. For example, a woman who has been small breasted her entire life can get breast implants and get that ultra-feminine shape that she has long dreamed about having.

Along with an enhancement of one’s appearance, a person’s confidence level and self-esteem can also be improved as a result of getting cosmetic surgery. While anyone, no matter what their looks, can suffer from a low self-esteem, once you love the way you look, you can certainly feel better about yourself, and your confidence will increase.

In some instances, cosmetic surgery can actually improve your overall health. A good example is a breast reduction for a woman who is very large busted. Many women who have this issue experience pain on a regular basis as a result of the extra pressure on their backs and shoulders due to the added weight of their breasts. When they have them reduced, they can feel better about themselves and have a better posture, which can alleviate pain.


As for the cons, one of the biggest of cosmetic surgery is that there are always risks of complications. It is still a major surgery, which means there can be problems that can include bad reactions to anaesthetic or the risk of haemorrhaging due to the surgery itself.

Sometimes, your expectations may be higher than what cosmetic surgery can produce. Some people are still not happy after their surgery and mistakenly think it will solve all of their problems beforehand.

Finally, one of the biggest cons of having cosmetic surgery is that it is an expensive option that people generally have to pay for privately. In addition to coming with a high price tag, this type of surgery will require time off from work for recovery. For some, this may mean a considerable reduction in salary earned.

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