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Scalp Health feat. the Scalp Invigorator

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I get lots of questions about shedding, scalp irritation and growth, all of which are related to your scalp health. In this tutorial, I break down the most common themes around scalp health – diet, exfoliation and circulation – and present a more efficient way of covering parts of that process.

The Scalp Invigorator is a vibrating, hand-held, waterproof tool designed to make the exfoliation and massage process more efficient and enjoyable. What I liked most is that it’s easy to travel with, lightweight and relatively quiet. The Scalp Invigorator comes with a two-year warranty, batteries and screw driver for easy install, and the cover is removable to make cleaning simple.

Overall, I loved how this tool performed! My exfoliation and massage process time was cut in half; I am definitely making this tool a part of my hair care regimen.

You can purchase the Scalp Invigorator at

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(The discount price will be .99 and shipping is FREE for U.S. residents.)

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*Tool provided by Vanity Planet for review purposes.
Scalp Health feat. the Scalp Invigorator

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