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Mental Health & MGTOW

Hey Sandman, my topic has to do with MGTOW and metal health. I have been facing mental health issues for more then six years now and I have to say that it’s not just women that oppose MTGOW. After so long going through the metal health system I had numerous doctors telling me that my anguish and depression would go away if I accepted myself and accepted society. When I told them my frustrations with women they basically wrote it off and told me to man up, but in a fancy little bow of psychotherapy mumbo jumbo. I even had one therapist flat out tell me I was being misogynistic and no wonder no girls wanted me. I’m sure it won’t surprise you that all these “therapists” were women. A dose of man up and heavy anti depression/psychotic drugs is all I got for two years. My only help came from two male therapists one at school and one years later in group sessions. They helped me see that my mother abused me emotionally and tricked me into ruining my relationship with my father. And that is why I had a bad relationship with him. But apparently I was rejecting societal norms and actually being courageous according to my mother. My final point and question to you is can the current state of mental health and the idea of MGTOW even coexist or has gynocentrism corrupted mental health beyond redemption? Thanks man and keep up the good work! Jay Money 333.” Well thanks for your comments and questions Jay. Parts of the current mental health system cannot co-exist with MGTOW and other parts can. Your experiences are very similar to mine. Whenever I go to my therapist which is roughly once a month now I tell him all about men going our own way and he knows I’m the Sandman. Sometimes I wish I could record some of my sessions with him. Some of the best ideas for this channel have come from those conversations. But the major problem with regards to the mental health industry is that it doesn’t offer solutions in the conventional sense because the therapists and psychiatrists are professionally
handicapped. They aren’t allowed to give you advice about how to live your life. All they ever do is sit and listen and write on paper. Once I caught a female therapist writing her grocery list during one of our sessions. Needless to say it was the last one I had with her. But because therapists aren’t allowed to give out advice there are ways around this including group therapy. Group therapy is great because you are surrounded by a group of people that get to know you and eventually give you advice for what you should do in your life based on their social experiences.

When #MGTOW Becomes Cool

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2. sutulastock – Old Man With A Long Beard Wiith Big Smile

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4. olly2 – mad man

5. conrado – Funny guy grimacing over green background

6. Vlue – A man trapped in a small room with a square block with light coming out of it attached to his head.

7. olly2 – Furious young woman screaming

8. chop – Insane demented male with evil looking stare

9. zurijeta – Man portrait with thumb up

10. Creatista – Crazy Couple Using their Hands as Claws
Mental Health & MGTOW

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