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My Transition to Eating 100% RAW ♥ (Skin & Health Improvements!)

Hi everyone! This video was initially A LOT longer because I guess there’s just so much to say on this “new change” :) but I tried to keep all the topics short & sweet. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk more in depth about in a separate video! Also, feel free to share if you are currently on raw foods or if it’s something you would like to try one day.

Thanks for watching & thumbs up if you found it interesting ♥

My Raw Vegan Pasta Sauce: – super good over raw / regular pasta, as a salad dressing, as a dip…


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Something I forgot to mention, is the topic about weight (I saw a few comments on this under my last video). Some people are worried about gaining / loosing weight on this type of diet. I think it really differs from person to person. I personally haven’t lost or gained any weight after one week of eating raw – but then again, my intention is not to have it affect my weight. I’m doing this to strengthen and detoxify my body. I will keep you updated on this in the next coming weeks.

Helpful Links:
– Life Regenerator “Dan the Man”
– Fully Raw Kristina
– John Kohler
– Freelee The Banana Girl
– Raw Radiant Health

I also mentioned “The Gerson Theory”

Supplements I’m taking:
– Iron (chelated) only 1-2 a week
– B12 (methylcobalamin form)
– Probiotic

Disclaimer: I am not a certified medical practitioner, and the information given is based on my own experiences and from the research I’ve done. If you have any serious conditions, always consult your doctor first :)

– DIY Scalp Massage for Healthy Hair:
– DIY Detoxifying Face Mask:
– My Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe:
– DIY Face & Body Scrub:
– Quick At-Home Workouts:
– Fresh Face Makeup:
– YOUR Beauty Questions Answered:

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My Transition to Eating 100% RAW ♥ (Skin & Health Improvements!)

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