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Has the beauty industry lost the place?

Has the beauty industry lost the place?

In today’s beauty environment consumers are demanding a higher level of customer experience along with standards of service. The beauty and cosmetics industry is expanding globally and finds that there is ever increasing levels of competition along with ever increasing expectations of its customers. The big question is can it keep up the standards.

Looking presentable is something that the vast majority of people consider important, which is why the beauty industry makes around £300 billion each year. The beauty industry is trusted by women all over the world, but there are some things that the industry would rather keep hidden from consumers. Here are five examples of problems in the beauty industry:

Problem no 1: Toxic Chemicals that Lead to skin irritation

One of the main problems associated with the beauty industry is the fact that some products contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions to the skin. Those chemicals, which can be found in products ranging from makeup to moisturisers, can even lead to acne, redness and facial swelling.

Problem no 2: Ingredients in popular products that contain carcinogenic ingredients

This is quite a controversial subject. Ironically, some of the companies that donate money to the breast cancer society are actually responsible for selling products that contain possible carcinogenic ingredients. In fact, some of the products that promote breast cancer awareness are filled with hormone-disrupting substances that can lead to the development of tumours.

Problem no 3: Products aren’t guaranteed to be safe

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t make companies prove that their products are safe for the general public. As a result, most companies are secretly using ingredients that are toxic and significantly cheaper than high-quality ingredients. In fact, did you know that a mere 11% of general beauty products have been tested for safety? And, are you aware that most hair dyes contain a chemical that can affect a person’s hair growth forever? It can also lead to scalp burns, extreme allergic reactions and even an increased risk of cancer in the future.

Problem no 4: Testing new products on animals

Animal testing has been controversial for as long as it’s been done. Unfortunately, testing products on an animal can cause pain and side effects to the tested animal such as hair loss, burns, skin irritation and pain. The best way to put an end to this type of cruelty to the helpless animals is by avoiding companies that test on them.

Problem no 5: Misrepresentations on labels

A lot of companies distort the facts on the labels of their products. Basically, they’re tricking people into believing that a product is wholesome when, in reality, it might be chockfull of chemicals. Omitting chemicals from the labels is reckless and dangerous and can even cause a person to try a product that might contain something they’re allergic to.

There are still many questionable practices and policies within the beauty industry much of which the general public is unaware of. It is therefore a consideration when deciding which manufacturers to buy from and it is important that people always check out the ingredients in products and their potential effect on the body.

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